Blog Addiction

Okay I have a confession to make. I am addicted to leadership blogs. On my blog reader I probably have 15 of them. And then there are those that come to my mailbox. I use them as “leadership lessons” in our weekly staff meetings. They have generated quite a bit of good discussion in the past two months.

However, to justify my addiction to leadership blogs I have two benefits that come from reading them so frequently.

I am learning a lot about leadership in the local church: I read the blogs of men and women that are recognized leaders in the local church. I learn new things everyday. I can look back and see some things I have done recently as a result of reading some one’s blog. I also — and this may sound a bit strange — that this leadership and large church thing is really a Holy Spirit phenomena. I read some of the blogs and think, boy this guy could use some help. But then I go to his church website and realize I’m the one who needs help.

I am learning we’re not that far off the mark — if at all:  I don’t mean this to sound prideful.  Perhaps it’s a statement of relief.  Obviously any of us can look at things that need to be better in our leadership practices and ministries.  In an odd sort of way I’m encouraged by a remark that Bill Hybels made at a Leadership Summit.  He said, “As I walk around Willow in any given week, about 20 percent of our ministries are broken.  I don’t know if 20 percent of our ministries are broken, but if we were as large as Willow perhaps that would be the case.  All that to state that many of the things I read we are already doing or are planning to do. It’s a confirmation that we are going in the right direction.  We still have a long ways to go that’s for sure.

I am confident in the mark our church is making in ministry:  The other thing that the Holy Spirit has placed on my heart is there it the general mark that everyone seems to blog about. You know certain things that need to be done for a growing church to flourish, and things not to do. Well I look at the LifePoint mark and realize that there are some things we don’t have to worry about, or do, because we are headed in a unique, Holy Spirit guided direction to reach our corner of the world. And that is reassuring.
So although I am addicted to these things called blogs. I’m realizing by reading them, there are making me a better, more confident leader.




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