Hay-Hook Leadership

Hey, this is a first post for this blog. I have been thinking about Hay Hook Leadership for some time now. You know what that is don’t you? Well I grew up on a farm. I learned how to stack a wagon that didn’t have sides seven or eight tiers high with hay bales. They were about forty to fifty pounds a piece I think. Well if you didn’t load the wagon just right, the load became quite unstable. When we would get to the end of a row and turn around you would have to sink your hay hooks into a portion of the load and lean hard so that the stack of bales wouldn’t end up on the ground.

I’ve thought about organizational leadership in the same way many times. The stresses and strains of change make it hard sometimes for the center to hold. Some times all us leaders can do is sink our hooks into that portion of the organization that looks like it’s going to fall and lean in the opposite direction. It’s called Hay Hook Leadership. It can be very effective in keeping the organization together.

So that’s my leader’s view!




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